Business Leader – Bond Villain Smackdown: Steve Jobs vs. Moonraker’s Hugo Drax



Base of operations?



Facial hair at height of power?

Full beard, but closely trimmed

Pitch-black evildoer goatee

Field of technological excellence?

computers, telecoms, emotionally-wrenching animated movies

space technology

Hires visually-striking employees with exciting names?

Not particularly
(Cook, Wozniak, Ive

(Dr. Holly Goodhead, Jaws) 

Exclusive products allowing him to dominate market share?

iPhone, iTunes, 
Buzz Lightyear 

Space shuttles, space station with gravity on/off switch

Ability to create cult-like devotion?

A BBC documentary suggests “Jobsian cult members” respond neurologically to Apple products in the same way that religious believers respond to religious imagery

Convinced staff that coming to outerspace with him and then bombing everyone they know back on earth was a good idea

Questionable human resources practice?

One new-hire interview included Jobs barking  “Are you a virgin?” and “How many times have you taken LSD?”

Had employees wear different colored jumpsuits according to sexiness

Legendary temper?

Employees would avoid taking the elevator with him, afraid he would fire them by the time the doors opened

Got rid of an employee he was angry with by sending trained Dobermans to kill her in the woods

Words uttered with last breath

“Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow.”

(ejected into space, where, of course, no one can hear you scream)

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Which Bond Villain did Steve Jobs most closely resemble?
The answer is finally revealed. 

Should a financier try to make money playing poker if bluffing causes his eyeball to bleed?
A definitive response is expressed.

Is James Bond nothing more than an alcoholic sociopath in a tuxedo?

LICENSE TO FAIL: The Business Mistakes Of Bond Villains  is now live on for your reading pleasure and enlightenment. All 22 James Bond movies are covered (including the nine that were addressed in The Bond Villain MBA Vol. 1).

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LICENSE TO FAIL: now with the mistakes of villains from all 22 Bond movies

Available on Amazon in the next 24 hours or so, LICENSE TO FAIL: The Business Mistakes of Bond Villains expands upon the work of the The Bond Villain MBA Vol. 1. Incorporating the nine films analyzed in Vol. 1 and adding all 13 others, this is now the definitive analysis of Bond entrepreneurship/villainy. I’ll have a new free chapter up here this week. Exciting times…

Also, at the request of several readers, the cat on the cover is now extra evil!


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